Cloqqa focuses on marketing plans and budgets – and it’s free!

Yes, you red right. A free tool for planning marketing, and it’s way simpler than Excel or any other tool.

Cloqqa was established to help companies use their time better by providing a tool for collecting year’s important event in the same place. Now we take it one step further. Our mission is now being carried out by Great Slogan Oy, who has bought the entire business operations of Cloqqa Oy. This was a natural step to keep Cloqqa developing and thriving since Slogan has all the skills and potential to take it international. In addition, some of Cloqqa’s establishers play a key role also in Slogan, so the tool is as familiar to them as it is to us.

For Cloqqa’s users this means only going onwards. Digital annual wheel is now a tool for planning and budgeting marketing – and it’s free for everyone! Determine a specific budget for each campaign, and Cloqqa shows you a detailed view how your budget is spent. Separate event types by giving them their own colors, and put projects in different categories and filter the view accordingly. Whether there’s 1 or 100 members in your team, Cloqqa is always free.

So basically it’s the familiar interface with some new features, stronger development resources and without fees. Why? Because we all know what it’s like to build those marketing plans and budgets with Excel, PowerPoint or some other tool that’re not built for the purpose. It’s an endless swamp. But no more!

Cloqqa makes creating and managing your marketing plans and budgets easier by showing you what you should be focusing on right now and what’s coming up. Let’s make this year a year of better marketing plans and more efficient time-use!

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