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Cloqqa® visualizes your marketing plans, events, campaigns and themes as a clear annual clock. You can determine a specific budget for each campaign, and Cloqqa shows you a detailed view how your budget is divided over months and events. You can see instantly, what you should be focusing on right now and what’s coming up.

Free Cloqqa® helps keep your marketing organized

All events of the year in the same view

The annual wheel is designed to give you a clear overall vision of year’s events. Whether the event, project or campaign is individual or recurring, adding them is equally easy. And categories make managing your marketing events even simpler.

Set individual budgets for your events

Still making your marketing budgets with Excel? Forget it. With Cloqqa, you can create, update and follow your marketing budget with so much less effort. Add budgets to events, manage them with couple clicks and check how your overall budget is divided.

Assign your team members access

Invite your whole team to work with Cloqqa and give them access to projects you’d like to share with them. With four different user right levels, you can define what each of our your team members can do in the project.

Embed your plans on other applications

You don’t have to invite everyone to join your Cloqqa team just to give them a possibility to see what’s happening. Simply embed your marketing annual wheel on, for example, intranet or extranet, and they can check it out there.

Planning and budgeting marketing for free has never been this easy

The versatile features and intuitive user interface guarantee that making marketing plans and budgets is easy for everyone in your team.

Give each event a color

Separate event types by giving them their own colors.

No user limitations

Whether there’s 1 or 100 members in your team, Cloqqa is always free.

Attach files to projects

Attach all the project’s important files into the event you created.

Define person in charge

Every project can have their own person in responsible.

Tag events and filter them

Give events different tags and filter the view accordingly.

Work where you want

You’re not tied to your office. Just open the browser and sign in!

Over 800 organizations are already using Cloqqa!

Cloqqa is a free web application for marketing planning and budgeting. It’s excellent for companies, communities and teams, and over 800 organizations have already taken the step towards more efficient way to use time and plan marketing. Join them today!

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