Cloqqa Plan – What? Why?

Hello friends!

Last year was quite busy for us and updates to this blog were few and far between for that reason. Why were we busy? Well, we were vigorously developing a brand new version of Cloqqa. And now, here it is. We call it Cloqqa Plan.

What Plan? Why? I feel it will be hard to explain, but I’ll try anyway. Pretty much a year ago, we released the first version of Cloqqa – it was supposed to be an annual clock, but later we realized that it actually had become a smooth blend of an annual clock and a to-do list. There has been a stable flow of new users during the first year and we are most grateful for that! Additionally, huge thanks for giving encouraging feedback and suggestions on how to make Cloqqa even better – we have taken them into account in the new version.

The new Cloqqa Plan, is a complete annual clock. It’s an unparalleled tool for annual planning. We have simplified the user interface, made the clock itself more interactive, and events are now attributed to teams, instead of users. We have also revised the pricing for the new version, which works better for different sized businesses – and there’s many more overhauls. The whole version in fact is coded from the ground-up with new framework and logic and that’s why this version unfortunately is incompatible with the previous version.

Hop on, plan your year with care and put it into practice – your dream is one step closer.

I want to thank Johannes, our UI wizard, and our unbelievably skilled programmers, Viljami, Miika, Matti and Juho for this new version of Cloqqa. It’s great to be part of this team. And thanks to you, early adopters – we have gained valuable feedback and help with developing this product.

- Tuukka

Thank you for your time.

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